By Purchasing a Dedicated IP your site is the only one on the Internet that will be using that unique IP address. For example, if you typed into your web browsers address bar you would see Google's web site come up. This is their dedicated IP address and no one else's. This is their unique address on the web that has been attached to the domain name

The difference between shared and dedicated IP addresses:

  • Dedicated IP addres – (also called static IP) means that a website has its own IP address. Whether you type in your URL or the numeric form of its IP address, both will bring you to the same domain.
  • Shared IP address – means that multiple websites share the same address. Web servers can determine by the domain entered in a user’s browser which website is being requested. Typing in the IP address will bring you to some kind of generic page instead of the specific site you want.
dedicated ip's Dedicated IP’s ipaddress
dedicated ip's Dedicated IP’s ssl ip

All types of Dedicated IP's we offer:

USA Dedicated IP : €3/mo or €30/yr (€2.5/mo)

India Dedicated IP : €8/mo or €70/yr (€6/mo)

Australia Dedicated IP : €12/mo or €120/yr (€10/mo)

German Dedicated IP : €8/mo or €70/yr (€6/mo)

UK Dedicated IP : €8/mo or €70/yr (€6/mo)

South Africa Dedicated IP : €30/mo or €240/yr (€20/mo)

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Benefits of a Dedicated IP:

☞  A dedicated IP address allows to truly control your own destiny as an email sender. Your sending reputation will only be affected by the choices you make as a marketer. If you have excellent sending practices, this is generally the best way to send emails.

☞  If you are in certain industries with heightened security, a dedicated IP can be beneficial. For example, if you market to Banking, Defense, Medical, Energy, Technology/Net Security, or other industries with elevated security requirements, a dedicated IP gives you more control over your email sending reputation.

☞  A dedicated IP is particularly useful if you frequently have to request white listing of your IP.

☞  If used properly, a dedicated IP can give you better delivery rates.

dedicated ip's Dedicated IP’s Dedicated IP Address

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