We offer you the security that your shop needs, creative design and functionality to secure great sales. We can help you build the perfect e-commerce solution for your business. E-Commerce websites are one the main trends of the last years.

In the fast-paced, constantly evolving e-commerce business, what counts is flexibility, speed and customer orientation. We not only take you to the different international markets fast, we also ensure that buzzwords like omni-channel remain more than a mere vision. Thanks to the fast and easy integration of shop platforms, logistics, payment systems and customer service, you are optimally positioned to showcase your brand properly – aligned along your target audience and industry.

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eCommerce Solutions

Our WooCommerce Services;

  • Custom development and functionality based on WooCommerce integrations, extensions and customizations aligned to your business objectives
  • Scalable and affordable store design and development
  • Enhancing the scalability and performance of your existing WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce versions and capability upgrades and bug fixing
  • Complete solution for migration your e-commerce business to WooCommerce platform
  • WooCommerce plugin development and related support
  • HTML and CSS theme modifications

This is just the beginning we can do much more than you can think of!

A payment gateway is your “virtual” point of sale.

Your customer not only look at a trouble free transaction but also a secure one as well.

That’s where we come in. Our developers in the Grey Parrot have to the experience to integrate, secure and reliable online payment solutions for growing businesses. We makes sure that your customers’ “point- of –sale” experience is quick, easy and safe.

Full service e-Commerce solutions

Fast, flexible and all from one partner. With over 5 years’ experience in end-to-end e-Commerce you can rely on us to know exactly what needs to be done to successfully run your online presence internationally. We follow and lead all the latest trends and solutions in online marketing, webshop development, logistics, payment, customer service and more, ensuring the best possible customer experience. 

Our Shopify Services;

    • Our developers can also walk you through the backend of your store to allow handle you products on your store better.
    • Our Shopify services also include building Shopify theme from scratch.
    • We focus on satisfying your design requirements from colour schemes to textures to patterns.
    • If you have an existing Shopify theme we can guide on modifying or redesigning the theme to take your business to the next level. We can help you with customizing structural elements, changing colour schemes, or even completely redesign your store.
    • In case you have bought Shopify template and struggling with the design issues. We can customize the theme to meet your desire and guide you on how to optimize your template for better return on your investment
  • Shopping cart is the final frontier when your prospect becomes your customer. The way your shopping cart looks and is integrated to your e-commerce site makes the difference when a sales get converted finallySo give it the focus it deserves.

For better understanding, let’s take a look at some of the key WooCommerce development features:

  • PayPal standard gateways to add value to your applications and payment modes
  • Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery, and BACS to offer simple offline gateways
  • Widgets for cross-sales and up-selling
  • Flat rate shipping processes that might come free by default or linked to modes like coupons
  • Facilities regional and international delivery
  • Share This, Share Your Cart and Share Daddy components to allow customers to redeem coupons or indulge in shared purchases with friends
  • A variety of extensions and plug-ins to add enhanced functionality and features to your website
  • Easy and efficient tracking of e-commerce through Google Analytics integration

E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS Full Service Cost €800 + 1 year support!

e-Commerce services:

  • ☞ Shop Development;
  • ☞ Customer Service;
  • ☞ Transport Management;
  • ☞ Global Online Marketing;
  • ☞ Order Management;
  • ☞ Returns Management;
  • ☞ Financial Services;
  • ☞ Trade & Tax Compliance;
  • ☞ Business Intelligence;
  • ☞ Marketplace Fulfillment.
e-commerce solutions E-Commerce Solutions ecommerce